Back to the grind

Back to the grind. After what feels like several failed attempts at becoming a “blogger”, I’m back to it again. This time more confident in my voice, my goal, my mission. I want this blog to be read with your morning cup of joe (or tea, or water, or fresh squeezed o.j. if that’s more your style). I’ve started reading this amazing daily e-mail for young professionals called theSkimm (highly recommend adding it to your morning reading list!). It is just what it says, a “skim” of the top news highlights both political & social, written with sass & wit that I will never even attempt. My blog name is an attempt at wit (or my favorite…puns) which hopefully most of you caught on to (a.m = Alicia Murphy)…

This “a.m. grind” is an ode to what we young professional, urban moms, suburban stay-at-home moms, men who want to understand the women in their life better, and yes my relatives (who are probably the main readers of this blog). I will cover everything based on what is going on in my life, Chicago, the world in terms of beauty, fashion, decorating, work/life balance, books I love, my crazy life adventures, and much much more.

So grab a nice cup of coffee, and start reading. And leave comments, it’ll only make this blog better!

favorite latte from City Grounds in Lincoln Park

xoxo, Alicia

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