Halloween in Lincoln Park

Kyle & I have only lived in Chicago since February, so we haven’t been able to see too many holidays here. Now, St. Patrick’s Day I know is a big event – with a parade, dying the river green, and parties all day long.

Kay & I watching the Butler Game at the Brownstone Tavern

The 4th of July seemed more low key, with time spent on the beach of Lake Michigan laying out. I wasn’t brave enough to go into the water – between how dirty I hear the lake is, and how cold the temperature of the water was, I wasn’t going near it!

Kerilyn, Ellen & I relaxing on Fullerton Beach for the 4th

What’s the next holiday we got to celebrate in Chicago?? Halloween! And oh my, does Chicago (& Lincoln Park specifically) go all out for Halloween. This was our first Halloween in a walk up townhome (instead of an apartment complex), so we were already excited about the possibility of trick-or-treaters. What I didn’t know, was that all of the homes here (and yes, they are all $1 million plus homes by us…) decorate for Halloween! Houses had spider webs, bats, black cats, purple twinkle lights, & pumpkins galore.

Armitage Avenue & Clark Street both had trick-or-treating events so kids could dress up and trick-or-treat through the businesses. It was so cute to walk down the street and see the kids dressed up & so excited. We even got to witness a dog/child dress up costume competition – where the kid dressed up like the dog…I really wanted to take pictures but felt a little creepy taking pictures of random strangers’ children. 
We were excited that despite the rainy weather, we had a few trick-or-treaters from a ninja to Curious George, princesses to Dora. We ended the night by having our neighbors over for dinner, and passed out candy from our apartment while enjoying some home made pizza

The costume competition main stage
The devil & Belle

Hundreds of carved pumpkins at McGee’s Tavern

I can’t wait until Christmas in the city. We’ve already seen signs up at the Zoo for “ZooLights” which I think will be similar to “Christmas at the Zoo” in Indianapolis (except free). I can’t wait to shop on Michigan Avenue, go to the former Marshall Fields (now Macy’s), buy hot chocolate at Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, and walk through Lincoln Park to see the beautiful homes fully decorated for Christmas! Hopefully Kyle & I can contribute to the decorations – more to come!


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