Reflecting on the past week…

I’ll keep this short & sweet. I had great intentions of blogging consistently in November (hence the Nov. bucket list) to hold me accountable & give me topics worth bloggin about.

But then Nov. 10 happened, and I haven’t been in much of a mood to blog about “which restaurants I’ve tried” or “what cool places in Chicago Kyle & I found”. It just didn’t seem authentic.

On Nov. 10 I got 2 phone calls. One of my high school classmates, and fellow Butler grad, died in a car accident after fighting a medical induced coma for a month. Despite not having the closest relationship with Blake, everyone who knew him knows that he made everyone feel special. My path seemed to always cross with Blake’s because of all of our mutual friends…in high school, I first started hanging out with him because a friend of mine was starting to date him…and he ran track, too…and then he transferred to Butler where he only knew a few people who went to Columbus North so we would hang out freshman year…and his best friends played soccer with Kyle…and Blake’s “forever” best friends were great friends of mine…and the commonalities continued.

He will be missed by so many. I am thankful Kyle & I could go home to Columbus for his memorial service and spend that time celebrating his life with my former high school & college classmates.

But that wasn’t the only devastation from Nov. 10. My brother’s nephew passed away at only 5 months, from what we only can describe as SIDS. It was heartbreaking to get the call from my mom, and then my brother about this horrific news. And despite never meeting Owen, Shannon (my sister-in-law) is family, and I can’t imagine losing my own niece/nephew at such a young age.

So this week has been spent reflecting. On what’s important in life. On how I treat people. On how I choose to wake up & spend my day and the attitude I have.

I’m continuing my bucket list. This past week has taught me that life is too short, so I may as well have a very thorough & AWESOME bucket list so should anything ever happen – I can’t say I never tried my hand at making macarons, or eating at that cool restaurant down the street.

I’m choosing to take this week as a wake up call of sorts. To be closer to my friends & family and learning to always make time. I’m thankful that through strong faith Blake & Owen are in heaven and watching out for us.


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