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Morning walk before work with my City Grounds latte

It has been too long (embarrassingly enough, it’s been over 5 months!). And as I reflect on the past 5 month, I feel like it’s time I get back to it.

This winter has been EXTREME. Add on top of -50 degree windchill (yeah, that happened) and a 3 hour commute (total), plus holidays & work conferences, and I honestly just didn’t have the energy to blog. I may or may not have gained a few “lbs” over these past 5 months, and it wasn’t until my 25th birthday in April that I really sat and had a “mid-century life crisis”.

Yes. It happened. I’m 25 and hit the “am I doing everything I want to be doing?”, “am I living my life how I want to live it, and more importantly how God wants me to live it?”, “am I a good enough wife, friend, coworker, daughter, servant?”, and if the answer is “no” – What am I going to do about it?

So although this blog is going to be short & sweet…it’s back to the grind (the a.m. grind that is). I know that when I SLOW DOWN, enjoy life, friends, my work, and spend quality time with Kyle is when I’m at my happiest.

First step – we are moving back to Pennsylvania! Chicago has been amazing, but definitely doesn’t help me maintain the “zen” lifestyle I’m looking for. My commute now drops to 25 minutes (instead of 1.5hrs each way), my office has windows, my job is fresh & new and I love learning and being challenged, and despite leaving our friends & family in the Midwest, we are on to new adventures out East and luckily returning to some of the new friends we made when we were out there a couple years ago.

25 will be a big year, and I’m glad to be back on the blog to share it all with you!

As I write this, I’m where this blog began – my favorite coffee shop in Lincoln Park, and a place I will miss dearly.

xo, Alicia

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