Green City Farmer’s Market

Chicago has one of the best farmer’s markets in the US – The Green City Market that runs from May 3 – Oct 25 and is open Wednesday & Saturday from 7AM – 1PM. Kyle & I love to go and walk around, eat the samples, puppy & people watch, and buy some fresh, local fruits & veggies.

 For those of you that love to know EXACTLY where your food comes from, will love this market. Each booth has a sign that shows how many miles away the farm/bakery is from Lincoln Park.

Sign in the upper left shows this bakery
is 4 miles away 

We try to come fairly early as soon as we wake up (which is after 10AM for Kyle) to beat the crowds battle the crowds. There are tons of booths with fresh eggs, cheese, vegetables, flower, crepes, zeppoles, clothes, and more – all made locally. Since the weather hasn’t been cooperating, at all, I was sad to see that there are only a few options this late into spring. I was still able to snag a few great things for Kyle & I to mess with this week! And excited for next weekend to try out some more!

1. Purple & Green Asparagus – I chose green…I don’t think Kyle would eat purple asparagus…
2. Fresh carrots ($3 for a whole bag!)
3. My favorite part – look at all those people (all trying free samples…)
Anyone else love Farmer’s Markets? If so, where is your favorite one?
xo, Alicia

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