Pink & Gold Office


When we moved to Chicago, Kyle was fortunate to keep his job based out of Philadelphia, but work from home. So our second bedroom became “his office”, and despite that I also work from home twice a week, it was definitely a “man’s” office. Add the fact that we downgraded from 1100 sq. ft. to about 900, we had to put a lot of our furniture we weren’t ready to part with in this second bedroom.

Now that we’re moving, I’m hoping either my real life office space, or our new one at home (since he’ll be back in his actual office), can be decorated how I’ve always wanted: pink & gold.

I’ll definitely incorporate pink & gold into my cube-like office, but the real magic will be our apartment. I will need some heavy swaying to Kyle on board (I’m thinking a dedicated man cave he can hang up his soccer scarves & Butler gear?), but regardless I’m moving forward.

1. Love this office look: pink chair & artwork with the simple & small white desk! And can’t forget the fresh flowers…
2. Pink stationery – and yes, I’ve already purchased light & hot pink pencils
3. Gold shelves from IKEA with pink & white pictures…easy & affordable
4. It’s all about the accents: pillows, prints, candles & glasses to fit the theme
5. Cute desk calendar in light pink
6. IKEA desk with gold leaf to give it a fancy upgrade

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