I’m an Aunt!!

There is no greater joy than being an aunt. I’ve been fortunate to be an aunt (times 3), and love that through the years I’ve seen them grow from being timid of me (Who is this girl I only see every now & then??) to loving (Aunt Alicia!! Let’s play!!). All of my nieces/nephews are on Kyle’s side, and I’m excited that this time around my brother& his wife are expecting!!! I can’t believe how we’ve grown – I mean, my brother is about to be a dad! My parents, and yes we tease them about this, are becoming grandparents. Heck, I’m an AUNT!
I even kept the secret (for the most part) weeks before we were supposed to tell anyone! And Thursday, I found out we are going to be welcoming a baby BOY to the family come November!
Your Uncle Kyle & I can’t wait to meet you over the holidays (in sunny Florida…) and spoil you rotten over the years! I’ve been spending the past few days with one of my friends who is expecting browsing the cutest shops in Chicago (she is also expecting a boy!), and have to share some of my favorite things I’ve seen so far…
1. Land of Nod Teepee – only the best playhouse ever!
2. Sprout San Francisco – Stackable whale wall print
3. Sprout San Francisco – Elephant body suit because why not?
4. Sprout San Francisco – Mobile – boy, girl & gender neutral toys available so you can mix & match as your family grows
5. Land of Nod “Make a Splash” – crib bedding
To my newphew: you’re already loved by many, and we are so blessed for the joy you’ll bring our families! I’m so excited for the adventure ahead for my sister-in-law & brother; they will make great parents!

Xo, Aunt Alicia

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