We’ve finally moved in!!

I can’t believe it! We are officially Pennsylvania residents! It’s been a LONG couple of weeks getting acclimated to the new apartment, new job, Kyle re-learning his morning routine (now he actually has to shower, get dressed, and commute to an office…), and jumping right in with friends & the community.

So a quick recap with the top 10 things (in no particular order) we’ve done since moving back:

1. Visited our favorite pizza place, Nomads, and had the delicious spicy sorpressata pizza. Definitely recommend if you ever venture to Philly; it’s much better than cheesesteaks I promise.

2. Had dinner at a friend’s house – our old neighbors from Ambler, who ironically live 5 min from our new apartment! It’s so good to being reconnecting, and we have many more people to still catch up with!

3. Ate, shopped, browsed, and thoroughly enjoyed multiple trips to Wegmans. My writing could never do this grocery store justice. It’s no Whole Foods Lincoln Park, but it’s pretty much the best place ever to buy groceries in PA.


4. We FINALLY have all of the boxes UNPACKED (but not put away…). We have 3 bedrooms now, so our 3rd bedroom is a disaster, with everything we have yet to still put away. We are thankful for more space though!

5. Spent time at our new pool. I’ve sent pics to my parents & friends, but I can’t give our apartment pool enough justice – it has a big pool, hot tub, plenty of lounging chairs, cabanas with variety of furniture (chaise lounges, table & chairs, couches, etc.), grills, and TONS of sunshine! I plan to spend most of my free time there, and luckily it’s open pretty late on weeknights if I ever want to just go over and read.

6. We bought a new bed! Our old queen (Kyle’s old mattress from college) is now a guest bedroom, ready for visitors. We made a grown-up purchase, and splurged to get a king size bed (a Marriott bed to be exact), and are LOVING it so far. Not loving having to repurchase bedding again, but it’s so worth it.

7. Volunteered at the Tour de Cure to support the American Diabetes Association with my new Splenda team! It was fun to pass out our Splenda Minis to people with & without diabetes and cheer on the J&J bike riders. Kyle came to help out, and it was fun to help him (and my colleagues) but a face to a name. We’re glad that we can begin to get involved in the community, especially since it took place at the Temple Ambler campus right next to our old apartment.

8. Pure Barre. I’ve been 5 out of 8 days since starting back up on the Main Line, and am so thankful to have this outlet again. I definitely packed on my winter coat after the polar vortex, and could never get in the best rhythm out in Chicago (I blame the commute, my energy level, and overall desire to just eat everything in sight in Chicago because it was all.so.good!). We definitely haven’t started off on the best note, having to eat out so much until we could move in and unpack and go grocery shopping, but at least I’m starting my workout routine early!

9. Shake Shack. Can I just say that Kyle said (and I quote): “This is better than In ‘N Out”?!?!? Not only was the burger nice, but we ate outside and topped the meal off with the “Peanut Gallery” – vanilla custard, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow sauce, and shattered sugar cone cookie…yes, you read that right, shattered sugar cone cookie IN the ice cream!

10. Valley Forge. We are so close to Valley Forge, and love going over there to do a late night drive, long walk, or tomorrow’s plan: a long bike ride. We’re so lucky to be by so much open space with great American history.

We’ve only been here 2 weeks (and have only been in our apartment the past 4 nights & a hotel the rest of the time), and have done so much. We’re loving this new adventure & can’t wait to share it all with you 🙂

xo, Alicia

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