Mini Indulgences

mini indulgences

We’ve finally returned from Brazil, settled into our new apartment on the East Coast, and started my new job. While living downtown Chicago, Kyle & I would eat out all the time. It was the most amazing food, but definitely took a toll on me considering my work outs were non-existent. I’m not too into dieting (but who really is?), but saw a 28 day challenge that I thought would be worth doing to jump-start some weight loss. I’m not looking to lose 30 lbs or anything, so I really think in 28 days I can still eat well and get to my goal weight.

But…this 28 day challenge doesn’t have anything in there about desserts. This will not work if I can’t at least TASTE something sweeter than watermelon. Fruit can be dessert for some people, but not me. It’s got to be chocolate, or ice cream, or a cookie…

So I’ve been on the hunt for “mini indulgences” and wanted to share them (and hope someone has more ideas). These are by no means meant to be “diet-friendly” sweets. They are still dessert, but they’re cute & small so I feel better about it at least…

1. Macarons – these can be homemade (I promise to have a recipe posted soon!), or bought at many French bakeries in your area. They’re “in” right now, so you’ll see them more often than not. I love anything coffee or Irish cream flavored! This one is from our trip to Napa, at Bouchon Bakery in Yountville. Apparently there is one in New York, so Kyle & I are planning a trip REALLY soon!

2. Also at Bouchon Bakery from our trip to Napa; I could eat bouchons from the Bouchon Bakery ALL DAY (don’t be fooled by the size, this is still one thick dessert!). Williams Sonoma has the mold & cookbook (that I THINK the recipe is in) which is on my list of things to get before the fall!

3. Hershey’s new mini’s line – York (currently in my fridge) & Kit Kat are my favorite!

4. Homemade mini pop tarts – it’s helpful to know what’s in the food you make, and you can always adjust the recipe to be healthier with a fruit filling, or tastier sweeter with a nutella, marshmallow filling (recipe coming soon…).

5. More mini’s – Nilla wafers for the non-chocolate lovers (but who is really a non-chocolate lover???)


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