Monday Morning Motivation, vol. 3

diet coke

 I do have an obsession with Diet Coke, it’s true. But seriously, nothing is as good at 2PM on a Monday than a nice Diet Coke from WaWa. Don’t have a WaWa by you (pretty much 7-11 X 1000 (77,000?))?? It’s ok. McDonald’s makes a mean diet coke (Kyle refuses to place the order for me in the drive thru – “Yes, I’d like a large diet coke, in a styrofoam cup, with extra ice please”).

And can I just say that only in the good ol’ US of A is it cheaper to buy a 32oz than a 22oz. Currently at WaWa through the month of August, I have upgraded from a 22oz to a 32oz given it’s a whopping $0.49 cheaper than the 22oz! The nice cashier checking me out (with my 22oz) told me it was cheaper to get a 32oz next time and charged me for the price of a 32oz…I couldn’t even process the absurdity, but smiled and have gone back once or twice everyday.

I do fill it to the top with ice, so I tell myself it’s only 16oz…but man, this is why we have an obesity epidemic. But I’m not complaining, I’ll take my $1.06 diet coke.


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