National Tequila Day!!!

tequila cocktails
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Tomorrow is National Tequila Day. I can’t say I’m SUPER excited about it (I’d rather it be National Red Wine day), but I think National “Insert Food Here” Day is a good chance to give that food/drink some love & attention. I mean, National Ice Cream day (July 15…technically all of July is National Ice Cream month)? Yeah, I was all over that.

But despite my increase in Mexican food consumption (given my latest obsession for jalapenos), I’d rather drink a mojito or sangria over anything with tequila. But, given that Thursday is National Tequila Day and my newsfeed & Pinterest page is filling up with some fun recipes, I think it’s time to reconsider…

So here are some fun ways to enjoy tequila this Thursday, or any day!!

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