Nautical Themed Baby Shower

photo 4 (26)
Beautiful mom-to-be & my sister-in-law!

My older brother & sister-in-law are expecting their first baby this November! It’s the first baby on my side of the family, and I know I can’t wait until Christmas to meet the little guy.

This weekend, Kyle & I road-tripped to Cleveland (with an awesome pitstop in Pittsburgh – post coming up!) for the baby shower! It may be hard to believe, but this is the first ever baby shower I’ve attended (if my memory is right…). I was so glad we were able to make the drive, along with my extended family, to celebrate & catch up.

The theme: nautical. It’s the overall theme for the nursery, and since they live in Florida it definitely suits them. A nautical theme is PERFECT for me, since I was a Delta Gamma in college I will forever hold a special place in my heart for all things anchors, sailor, or bronze, pink & blue.

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We had a few baby games & activities for everyone to do – one was a competition to decorate a onesie or bib. All the supplies were nautical themed (whales, anchors, & some extra little boy things like bow ties). The other contest was a “Price is Right” table with various baby items. My great aunt Wilma won that and was only off by $0.03! Her guess was $43.90 and the items added up to $43.93! I was wayyyy off…but hey, I’ve never had a baby!

photo 1 (35)

photo 5 (24)

I happened to win the onesie contest – who wouldn’t love a little anchor mate??

photo 4 (24)


photo 2 (34)
Finished onesies & bibs – the group did a great job

Since they live in Florida, we mailed our gifts to their house versus bringing them to Cleveland. At the shower, we all brought a book, signed with a special note, to exchange. Out of all the guests, there were only 2 books that duplicated (“Corduroy” & “Goodnight Moon” – both classics). I knew that there would be a risk of duplication, so I tried to do something different and got a “Big Book of Berenstein Bears” – a favorite of mine as a kid. I also got “Sophie the Giraffe’s First Words” since I had bought them the “Sophie” giraffe when they first found out they were expecting.

photo 3 (30)

photo 2 (33)
Diaper cake from her best friend!

We had SO much good food – from small appetizers to sandwiches, to an epic strawberries & cream cake.

photo 2 (32)
By the time I came to snap a pic this was all that was left!

We took lots of pictures with all the visitors from family to old friends to newer friends, Shannon has so many people excited for this new baby!

photo 1 (37)
Me & Shannon
photo 1 (38)
The grandmas-to-be
photo 2 (35)
My mom, Shannon & my aunt Jill
photo 3 (34)
My great aunt Wilma, Shannon, grandma & great aunt Marilyn
photo 4 (27)
Jessica, Shannon, Jill & Graziella – some of Shannon’s best friends
photo 3 (33)
Terra, Shannon, & Michelle

It’s so fun to think I’ll be an aunt on my side of the family so soon.  Next time Kyle & I see them will be with the new addition! And despite how much I’ve loved summer & love fall, Christmas can’t come soon enough!!



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