Pit Stop in Pittsburgh

On our way to my sister-in-law’s baby shower, we decided to make a pit stop in Pittsburgh to visit one of my best friends, also with the good fortunate of being named Alicia. We met in middle school, and have been friends ever since. She was in my wedding, and I’ll be in hers this September. Although we knew it’d be really short, we wanted to make a quick stop on our way to Cleveland for the shower.

photo 1 (34)
Besties for life! (I’m wearing a Ted Baker dress I absolutely love!)

Luckily, it worked out for us to stop in Pittsburgh to stay on Friday night, go to the shower on Saturday, and come back to stay the night AGAIN on Saturday night. Let me just say, it’s SOO nice to spend time with your best friends no matter how long it’s been since the last time you’ve seen them. It’s always so easy to pick up right where you left off.

She took us to a late dinner at Burgatory, a “famous” burger joint in Pittsburgh. There are typically long lines, but our timing worked perfectly and we got seated right away. One of the best parts at Burgatory was the “hard” milkshakes. I got a fluffer nutter butter milkshake with vanilla vodka – it was vanilla ice cream with mashed Nutter Butters spike with vanilla vodka. The vodka was pretty much nonexistent – but that was perfect. It was a delicious milkshake.

photo 4 (23)
Yeah, it comes with the extras if the massive glass isn’t enough.

Alicia ordered Gorgonzola truffle fries for an appetizer since we were taking forever to figure out what to order. At Burgatory you can either order off the menu, or BYOB – build your own burger.

photo 3 (29)
This was 3/4 in after DEVOURING them as I remembered “Oh no! I need to take a photo!!”

One of my other friends travels to Pittsburgh for work, and she gave me her typical order which I followed verbatim with the addition of jalapeños. It was (deep breath): beef burger on brioche bun, peppercorn crust, cheddar cheese, truffle aioli on the side, avocado, crispy onion straws, and jalapeños.

photo 2 (31)

More deliciousness.

When we left Sunday morning, we had to make another pit stop, but this time at a coffee shop. As you remember, I found the list of the top 33 coffee shops in America. I’ve already been to #1, but Pittsburgh had a coffee shop ranked #11. Let me just say, it’s hard to start at #1 and go backward (that was a bad decision…). Commonplace Coffee House & Roasters was REALLY good though. What I liked most, was they were different.

photo 5 (25)
Despite not looking too different…

I ordered a lavender vanilla latte (to go to my disappointment). Kyle wasn’t a huge fan – he thought it tasted like flowers, but I absolutely loved it! They also had honey cinnamon & normal vanilla, so next time I’ll try honey cinnamon, but if it’s your first time visiting, I hear lavender vanilla is the must-try first latte!

The area, Squirrel Hill, was really neat too and I’m hoping we can visit Alicia sometime soon to explore the area some more!

photo 3 (32)
Sad to take a good latte to go

Where is your favorite pit stop in Pittsburgh?


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