Hummingbird Cupcakes

My family is from the south, and although I grew up in the Midwest, I have a fine appreciation for all things Southern. One of my favorite desserts I have yet to ever make myself is Hummingbird cake. Never heard of it? It’s kind of like banana bread, or carrot cake, or zucchini bread – but different & better.

It’s banana & pineapple cake with spices like nutmeg, ginger & cinnamon giving it a delicious aroma. Since I always have the best intentions, I thought trying the “Skinny Hummingbird Cupcake” recipe sounded like a great start – and boy do I recommend it. I’ll let the pictures do the talking (see the link for the recipe!).








Instead of decorating with pecan halves (since pecans are so expensive…) I bought some cheap Washi tape from Target that was a fun summery print, and made quick & easy cupcake toppers! There are so many options for Washi tape, you should have no problem finding one to fit any occasion!





And after testing the batter, I admit it’s not the same as getting it from Georgia, but definitely will work for this Philly girl!

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