Wait…did that just happen?


This was, unfortunately, a recurring comment this weekend. It did not seem like real life. First, we went to see “A Most Wanted Man” on Saturday night. We were bored & the trailer looked good (plus, I love Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and after his death thought it’d be good to see his movie).

It was 2 hours of not much action (Kyle looked over at me and even said “This is a lot of talking…”). And, not to ruin it, but it just ended. The credits rolled, and we looked at each other and said “Wait, did that just happen?”. And by “did that just happen” – we were referring to nothing. Nothing happened.

Then, we went to bed early for our 6:45AM wakeup call to go to Pocono Raceway. Yep, a NASCAR race. Kyle & I are not NASCAR fans. However, as a work “perk” (see how I put that in quotes?), Kyle got tickets for the race this weekend.


I’m always down for a new adventure, and typically enjoy sporting events. I knew it’d be slightly out of my comfort zone, but free tickets with pit passes sounded kind of fun.

Until we got there.

Without going into ALL the details, let’s just say a nightmare parking situation (we were told to park in the wrong lot that was miles from where we were supposed to go), an hour of trying to find ANYONE competent to help us find the right will call, and tears (yes, I cried at a NASCAR race…), we finally got a golf cart ride to the entrance of the infield.



From that point on – we had a great time. We got to explore the garages & pit area (yeah, I don’t know all the right lingo), signed our name on the start line, and actually enjoyed the first 5o laps before deciding it wasn’t really for us…and heading home!


At Tony Stewart’s pit area! He’s from my hometown!

Will I ever go back? I sure hope not.

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  • hahaha. you guys must have looked so out of place at the nascar race. but i bet every other lady was looking at you and wishing they could be so glamourous- even with the tears 😉