DIY – Square Photo Wall Art

Since we’ve moved into our new apartment, we’ve struggled with decorating. We have a short term lease as we look to buy, and are trying to resist purchasing too much for our current apartment until we know what our future space will look like. I’m itching to feel more settled & make this apartment feel like a home, but understand Kyle’s insistence that we don’t spend too much time & money on items that won’t work in our future home.

Something that is affordable, classic, and easy to change is photography. Photos have become more & more important, especially as we’ve moved away from our friends & family in the Midwest & graduated college.

Walgreens has the option to print square 4″ X 4″ photos from your Instagram account. I typically post my favorite photos to my Instagram account so it’s a great place to print the photos you want hanging around your home.



I printed 12 photos to start. I plan to update this string of photos with the seasons to keep it fresh & fun for guests who visit.



It’s a really cheap craft, too. I went to Target to buy the supplies (outside the $4 I spent on prints) and picked up small binder clips (on sales since it’s my favorite time of year – back to school!) & twine.




I measured out the twine to the length I needed so I had enough room for the 12 pictures, some slack on both side, and made sure it’d fit on the wall I had picked out. It was a little more tedious than I thought it would be to be completely honest…but the trick is to make sure you catch the twine with the binder clip so it doesn’t let your picture slide up & down!



Once I meticulously got all 12 pictures on the twine, I had my husband nail it up on our wall by our TV. It’s a pretty bare wall (again, this is just our “temporary living situation”) so the added photos were a nice addition! Plus, it takes the formality out of picture frames.



Super easy & you can change it to fit your own apartment style – it could be mounted to wood, arranged in a straight line, or even hanging at your desk!


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