Dinner Date – The Black Powder Tavern

Kyle & I live right by Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. It’s full of parks, deer, old stone homes, and restaurants that always claim their establishments once served the likes of George Washington…and we eat it up – literally. So while driving around one weekend, we saw “The Black Powder Tavern”, and after looking the menu up online we knew we had to check it out. Read through to the bottom to find out what makes it special in regards to our American history…

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We were lucky to snag a table outside – it’s been too beautiful to eat inside for every meal! Like most of our post-work meal, which gives Kyle & I a chance to relax and catch up on the day, we typically try to extend the meal as long as possible. The easiest way – start with some wine & an appetizer, and end with dessert.

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Shirt, Necklace, Watch

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For our appetizer, we got the french onion soup dumplings. We first were exposed to these at Stephen Starr’s “The Continental” in Center City. It’s just how it sounds. French onion soup IN A DUMPLING….yeah, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

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You pop it out of it’s special serving dish, and open it up. I’ll admit, it’s not the most glamorous looking dish, but you just take one bite and man, I’m telling you you’ll want this for every meal.

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We quickly devoured them, and it’s nice that it comes in an even 6 so Kyle & I don’t have to fight over who gets the last one! I think this dish MAY be for eggs and they’ve repurposed for this recipe, but I’m on a hunt to find one!

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For the main meals, Kyle got a ham & cheese sandwich (per usual…).

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I got the chicken tostadas with a side of jalapeno. I was pretty disappointed the chicken was fried and not grilled, but lesson learned, always ask and never assume. It was still delicious but I could only eat one!

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After gorging ourselves on the French onion soup dumplings, main meal, and bread, we couldn’t stand to think of dessert. It gives us another excuse to come back though and maybe we’ll just do appetizer & desert! Plus, it’s very close to where we live which makes it a no-brainer dinner place.

I’m sure some of you are curious about what makes the Black Powder Tavern unique & special as it pertains to our great American history…and you’re in luck! Instead of trying to explain it myself, I snapped a pic of the back of the menu for you! Kyle of course LOVED this, and we have plans to return!

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