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Kyle & I were invited to spend the weekend up at Penn State with a few of our friends who went there for undergrad. We were excited to see how Penn State compared to the other Big 10 schools we’ve visited, and of course compare to our alma mater, Butler. The group came up Thursday night, but Kyle & I had to work so we rushed to get up there on Friday night.

In the rush…we forgot our suitcase. Yep…we drove the 2.5 hours and all we ended up with to get us through the weekend was my makeup bag (thank goodness), brush, magazines, phone charger, and wallets. No clothes. No shoes. Nothing.

But, we took a deep breath, laughed it off (makings of a great blog post am I right?), and headed to Target to buy our weekend’s worth of clothes. Ugh…

Kyle in his new striped shirt…

After going out on Friday night, we spent Saturday walking around campus (and burning some calories). It was awesome to have some great tour guides showing us the “true” Penn State experience.




So this is what an “alumni center” looks like…yeah, we don’t have that.



Apparently the ducks were a big deal, so we all walked down to the pond by the President’s old home (now a part of the alumni center) to check it out.



It was no joke. We were told they’ve had over 200 ducks in this area at one time before…I thought the 20 or so we saw was still pretty impressive.


Our hosts for the weekend, and previous neighbors from the first time we moved to Pennsylvania. Kent & Terri in the apartment below us. Now, we’ve both moved over 30 minutes from that first apartment, but still only 5 minutes from each other! And they brought, Doc, who added some excitement to the evening.


We then went to the “Lion Shrine” and took turns getting our “couple photos” in, and were lucky to have a nice family take a big group shot for us, too!

Us in our Target garb…not exactly what I planned to wear over the weekend





It was a great walk, but pretty hot, so I was very excited we were ending our campus tour with a trip to Berkey Creamery, the “famous” creamery on campus.


I mean, the line was crazy considering it was a) still summer & b) no sporting events.




I opted for WPSU Coffee Break with sprinkles (blue & white of course…I pretended it was for Butler NOT Penn State). It was delicious. If it wasn’t a 2.5 hour drive I would have totally bought a gallon!

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On our way to the car we had to make a stop by Geary Hall, the freshmen dorm Kent & Jared were in. We were all having a hard time believing it’s been over 7 years since freshman year of college (isn’t that crazy????). As much as we’ve all changed so much in 7 years, some things remain the same (while others, like the cost of a Taco Bell soft taco or happy hour deals have changed with increase prices…).


And for the boys in the group, we took a look at “the Beav” aka “Beaver Stadium” aka…the football stadium. It had an awesome view of the mountains, and made Kyle & I anxious to go to a Penn State football game sometime this year!


Sparing you all from our nighttime shenanigans, I will say that I did experience a true Penn State Friday/Saturday night complete with Mad Mex, Z-Bar, Zeno’s, Canyon Pizza ($1 slice???), Cafe 210, Cozy Thai, Wings Over, Waffle Shop and so much more.

It’s now time to run & workout, and eat only fruit & veggies, before my next weekend adventure at Lake Monroe!

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