The September Issue

september issue

Guys, it’s here. The September issues are slowly making their way into my apartment, and I’m loving it! I’ve always been a magazine reader. I never flew enough to warrant a free flight, but man those airplane miles can make for some great magazine subscriptions! I’m also a sucker for the checkout lane – and while I, of course, read the tabloids, I’m more interested in the fashion magazines.

Now, to be clear, most of the trends always seem a little too extreme (case in point: Elle’s 14 Fall Trends for 2014…including “Apocalypse Now”…I can’t make this stuff up!).

Trends I’m feeling this fall:

1. Gold – as seen in Marie Claire magazine, I’m always a fan for gold accessories. I’ve opted for the dainty jewelry & am anxious to up my wardrobe to maybe include some gold accented clutches, shoes or sweaters!

2. Glitter – I usually joke that my favorite food is sprinkles and my favorite color is glitter. You can’t imagine my excitement to the fact that glitter is IN! Now, its not the 12-year-old glitter on your face trend, but accenting a sweater, purse or skirt with glitter is the way to go this fall! (Also seen in Marie Claire)

3. Essie’s fall collection – I’m definitely going to try “The Perfect Cover Up” and “Style Cartel“…and will probably use all 6 colors!

4. Quilted Pieces – I saw this Mulberry backpack & this Milly skirt (less expensive version here) in Elle and my heart swooned.

5. Army Parka – I definitely plan to add this Joie parka to my wardrobe!

What are your favorite fall trends you saw in the September issues???


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