The Gaslight – Review

photo 1 (43)
Rainy day – next time we’re sitting outside!
photo 2 (40)
Pretty great coffee to warm up with!
photo 4 (30)
Yeah, all of these sounded amazing!
photo 5 (30)
We didn’t get cocktails but I wanted to say “Can I please have an elephant in my pajamas?”
photo 1 (44)
Sticky-Icky Cinna Waffles for the table
photo 2 (41)
Angelica’s Fried Chicken & Biscuit sandwich
photo 3 (38)
My Croque Madame – my brunch go-to

This Saturday, Kyle & I wanted to venture into Philadelphia for brunch. We invited a couple friends to meet us at The Gaslight near Penn’s Landing off of Market Street. The Gaslight’s chef & owner is Jason Cichonski, who was a contestant on Bravo’s “Top Chef”. Kyle & I have been fortunate that both Chicago & Philadelphia have amazing, award winning chefs. It’s not great for the waistline, but YOLO people, YOLO.

When we woke up Saturday, it was such a dreary day. I went to work out, and one my drive home it started POURING. Not only is Old City about 25 miles away (which is anywhere from 30-60 minutes of a drive), but my favorite part about brunch is eating outside. I had heard the outdoor dining at The Gaslight was awesome, so I was pretty bummed we’d be stuck inside on one of the last few weekends of summer.

But we weren’t about to let some rain ruin our day! With the rain, our drive ended up being pretty short. The atmosphere inside (although pretty empty for a Saturday), was still really enjoyable.

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