Weekend Getaway: Part 1, Portsmouth, NH


This Labor Day Weekend was all about crossing things off our bucket list. Specifically, two new states which brings my tally up to 35 (only 15 to go!)! One of our favorite things about living in the North East is our ability to travel and experience so much within such a short drive. We can go to the mountains, ocean, lake, big city, Amish country, see Broadway, watch professional sports teams, eat incredible & authentic food from a variety of cultures, experience history, and so much more. Our “short” 6.5 hour trip to Maine brought us from “Deer Crossing” signs to “Beware Moose on Roadway” signs. We went from maybe being able to see a dolphin off the Jersey Shore to whale watching tours. We also went from saying “very” & “so” to “wicked”…and people keep a straight face when they say it. We really are so fortunate to live so close to such diversity.

To break up the trip, we left Thursday after work and stayed in Bristol, CT. This was to get Kyle more excited about road tripping. I figured if we made some fun pit stops along the way, since he’d be driving most of it, it’d make us both happier.


Unfortunately, you can’t take tours of the headquarters, which makes sense, but still disappointing. Kyle said it was a much bigger campus than he was expecting, and I must say it’s exactly how I thought it’d be. Just in a tinier, quainter town. No “celebrity” sightings, but we were excited to see where all the action takes place and pick out a future home should Kyle’s career ever end up there 🙂


The road trip continued and we were blessed with beautiful weather and almost ZERO traffic! Who would have thought that?! Even driving over the George Washington Bridge through NYC (which always gives me a slight panic attack) had only a little bit of traffic! We even made it to my birthplace – good ol’ Leominster, MA (home of Johnny Appleseed in case you were curious).


And so we travelled – Pennsylvania, to New Jersey, to New York, to Connecticut, to Massachusetts, to New Hampshire…which is where the story stops for this post!


I have never been to New Hampshire, and saw that on our way we could stop in a cute town called Portsmouth. Named that, you guessed it, because of the port. It’s exactly as you’d imagine a port town to be: cute shops, cool breeze, tons of fresh seafood, lots of navy & khaki, and beautiful buildings!




We went online to search for a good lunch spot, having no idea where to begin, and found a place called “Popovers on the Square“, known for their popovers. I had a big bowl of New England Clam Chowder with a big popover! It was delicious, and if you’re ever in the area I highly recommend it!


photo (10)


IMG_3559I must admit that I was FREEZING in New Hampshire. I’m sure it was a mix of the cool breeze from the water, the fact that it’s always freezing up north (okay, that’s an exaggeration), and the fact that I wore shorts, but oh man was I cold! So, we tried to walk as much as we could to warm ourselves up and found that there was plenty to explore & see.



IMG_3564So despite my initial chilliness, I quickly warmed up and when we came across a sign for homemade popsicles I was sold! Plus, like I mentioned earlier, they really do use “wicked” like it’s a real adjective…so weird.



I opted for blueberry lemonade, not realizing that I was about to eat more blueberries in one weekend than in my entire lifetime (who knew Maine/NH were known for blueberries??).




And so, after a short lunch stop in Portsmouth, we ventured about 45 minutes north to Portland, Maine. State #2 to cross of the bucket list and the topic for tomorrow’s blog post! Stay tuned, it’ll be a wicked good read!!


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