Weekend Getaway: Part 2, Portland, ME

After roadtripping from Philadelphia to Connecticut, and taking a fun lunch stop in New Hampshire, we finally made our way up to Portland, Maine for our Labor Day weekend.

We both had never been to Maine (at least when we’ve been old enough to remember) and were excited to have a relaxing weekend exploring this new city.

We had a reservation Friday night for a tour at Allagash Brewery. With the holiday weekend, we knew it would  be busy so reserved our free spots earlier in the week. Turns out, the whole weekend was full so we definitely lucked out!


We had grand plans to arrive early to grab a beer while we wait, but were told you were only allowed one tasting, per person, per day. Since the tour came with a tasting we were told we could either wait around there or walk across the street where 4 other breweries were.

We took this great advice and walked over to Foundation Brewing Company.


It was run by a husband/wife duo, offering 4oz pours for $1 with a 5 beer flight recommendation, and it did not disappoint. My favorite was the “Eddy”, which was a saison (my new favorite style of beer apparently). Kyle loved the “Wanderlust”, a summer saison, which I would have voted as my 2nd favorite there.


We ended up sharing the 5, 4oz pours since we were on a time crunch before our Allagash tour. We’ve been on several tours, and it’s not the “how beer is made” speech that I love, but just seeing all of the small scale breweries that make AMAZING beer that experiment with unique spices and methodologies that I love.


After the tour of the facility, we went to a “back room” with barrels of experimental beer, all with funny names (see “Password is Taco” below). We got to try a variety of Allagash, almost all new for me: White (most widely distributed), Saison, Dubel (not a fan), and Tripel (we brought this home, and I am currently drinking it!).




After our two stop brewery adventure, it was time to head back. Over the weekend we experienced so much. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!





Real New England Clam Chowder
We couldn’t find “win” so we hid the “e” in “wine” #goUSA

Outside of the food, one of my favorite things we did was take the ferry over to Peak’s Island. Unfortunately, it was too windy to kayak, which was my main goal, but we had so much fun walking around and sitting at one of the restaurants just passing the time.

Ferry ride to Peak’s Island
Kites from our ferry ride

IMG_3635   IMG_3656

Peak’s Island



We didn’t bring our bikes, although we heavily debated it. We just weren’t sure what Portland was going to be like, and hauling 2 bikes 6.5 hours just seemed like more of a hassle. Boy were we wrong. Everyone bikes around Maine (and especially Peak’s Island). Definitely next time, we are bringing our bikes!



As we waited for our ferry back, I saw a girl pulling lobsters out of a lobster trap. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!


She let me take a picture of her catch she was walking up the hill to the local restaurant. Now, I hate to admit it, but I don’t like lobster. I was a little sad (even though I’m not definitely a meat lover), but can see why people get lobster in Maine!


Kyle’s favorite place was The Standard Baking Co. where we got his daily pain au chocolat. I even woke up super early Monday morning to get him one for our drive back!




With all the food, boating, and sea activity, it wouldn’t be a trip to Maine without the lighthouses. So I’ll leave you all with these pictures of our trip to see Port’s Head Light, which is known as the most photographed lighthouse in the world. It was amazing. The hiking, views, and tranquility made it one of my favorite stops.



We even waited 45 minutes for “the world’s best lobster roll”, because if I’m going to eat lobster in Maine it better be from a place known as the world’s best. Plus, after our lighthouse trek, I need some sustenance.


Doesn’t get much more Maine than this: chips, lobster roll, blueberry corn salad, and Maine Root Root Beer

This is just a snapshot of our amazing weekend in Portland. So much didn’t make the cut – but I’m thinking a city guide is in the future will feature more restaurants and things to do! So keep following people!!

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