Monday Morning Motivation, vol. 6

mmm 9.8
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This week’s Monday Morning Motivation (like most…) is about taking chances. I try to remind myself each & every week to never live with complacency, but to take the leap of faith to try something new. Whether at work, with this blog, our community connections, or heck – even my outfit choice…life is about taking chances.

Kyle & I have been having some “serious” conversations about getting the most out of our lives when at times it feels like all we do is eat, sleep, work, and on the rare occasion work out. We both know there is something more to life, and we need to take the chance and make the time to figure out what it is for us.

We’ll keep you posted on our journey, but for now – we are living with this mantra and praying we’ll be led to what that means for us! Glad you all are sticking along for the journey!

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