Farmer’s Market – Ambler, PA


This past weekend, we needed to get our car’s state inspection & emissions test done. Let me first say, that’s an obnoxious process. We had to get our license plates (which takes forever), and within 10 calendar days you have to do your state inspection. Let’s just remember that Labor Day (remember this & this?) just happened, and so that gave us 6 days…and with all great intentions to get it done during the work week, it quickly became our Saturday activity.



Luckily, we spotted a farmer’s market within walking distance of where we dropped off the car beckoning us with the smell of TOTS! I mean, let’s be real here. A Tater Tot Food Truck is basically the most awesome thing ever.

I refrained from ordering (while my stomach growled & complained) in an attempt to “be good”. Kyle ordered “drunk cheese, Old Bay & bacon” at 9:30AM…I tried a couple bites which were delicious, but it felt more like a 6PM appetizer instead of a breakfast staple. He should’ve gotten the scrambled eggs, bacon & cheese tots. But alas, he was stuck with “drunk cheese”…


A cool rule of this farmer’s market is that everything must be locally sourced within 150 miles of Ambler, PA. From the coffee to the chicken, the furthest anything travelled seemed to be Lancaster, PA (Amish country).


I bought an eggplant (for Sunday’s dinner) & cucumber from Clay Brick Farms.




Although we didn’t get much else (regrets on the sticky buns), it’s always fun to walk around and see what’s in season & learn about the local farms.

It’s sad to think we only have a few more weeks left to enjoy these farmers’ markets, but we plan to take advantage where we can!

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