Advent Calendar by Naptime Diaries

December 1st starts my Advent Calendar. The 25 days ’til Christmas marks the start of the ABC Family Christmas Movie marathon, my count down to visiting my new nephew for the first time (and thankfully in warmer weather!), and the start of my Advent devotional!

You may remember an earlier post from this year from when I attended the Influence Conference in Indianapolis. Well Jess Connolly, who co-founded The Influence Network, founded Naptime Diaries. I saw a sneak peek of this year’s Advent calendar at the conference, and thankfully was gifted one from my sister-in-law!!!


Inside the bundle are 25 beautifully designed notecard size verses & a daily devotional book tied to each card.



What’s even cooler? My sister-in-law & brother-in-law have written some of the devotionals! I can’t wait to get to those days!!


I’ve opted to hang these cards above our kitchen table in the dining room as a daily reminder of the Christmas season. Taking time each day during these crazy, hectic days to sit & remember the real meaning of Christmas is something I am going to try very hard to do!



But if you didn’t have time to order one, no worries! You can order online at their shop & print your own! You can use fancy cardstock, or printer paper, and still enjoy this Advent season.

The Christmas countdown has officially begun!

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