Cheers to 2015!

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I love the idea of the new year. A chance to reflect on the old & look ahead to the new; it’s a perfect time for evaluating your life & path in front of you. While I know there is nothing magical about January 1st, and that it shouldn’t take a “New Year’s Resolution” to resolve to start doing something different, better, more exciting, you can’t help but treat the New Year as a milestone worth marking.

While those who know me well know I’m very “Type A” & love list making & crossing things of a “to do list”, the New Year is an opportunity for new lists & new adventures. So while I will continue to mark the start of each month with my Monthly Goals, I wanted to take some time to share what I hope 2015 will bring & be remembered by when 2016 rolls around:

Top 5 Hopes & Wishes for 2015

Peace & Contentment: Kyle & I have lived a fairly nomadic life, moving from Indiana to Philly to Chicago to Philly all in 3 years. I’m hopeful that in 2015, my heart & brain will slow down a little and begin to realize that Philadelphia is now “home”, if not for a few more years. We recently found a new home church we are excited to commit to & are hopeful we can join a small group in the spring.

Adventure & Excitement: We had so many fun adventures in 2014 (our trip to Brazil for the World Cup, visiting new states like Maine & New Hampshire, exploring our own city of Chicago & now Philadelphia, and so many more new experiences). I’m hopeful that 2015 we can continue the adventures (even if it’s not just travel). Kyle has soccer games to see, we have states that need exploring (Alaska & Vermont to name a few), & new experiences to be had (festivals, sailing, barista classes, & more).

Family & Friends: It is so hard to live far away from our closest friends & family. I hope that 2015 we find the time to visit our old friends, make trips to see family & continue to build our relationships with our new friends out here. Since moving back in June, we’ve made great strides but have a long road ahead. I’m excited to see where all of our friendships will go in 2015!

Creativity & Beauty: Blogging has opened my eyes to so many people who use their creativity & skill to build the most beautiful things – from tablescapes, to home decor, to fashion, to crafts, I love that blogging has not only shown me new things to try & replicate, but forced me to look for it in my own world. Blogging for me encourages me to try to places, test out new makeup or outfits, experiment with hairstyles I never would have before, & bake things I’d never before take the time to do. I’m excited to continue this journey in 2015 and see what new creative & beautiful things I can add to our life & hopefully pass on to others like you!

Hard Work: Seems crazy to put this on a “new year’s resolution”, but I love how 2 weeks off of work can really revitalize you. Between my role that I started in June & feel like I finally have my feet under me, & this world of blogging, I want to continue to work hard because the reward of that hard work is always satisfying. I love the feeling of putting your best work forward & seeing all you can achieve & know that 2015 will have many of these opportunities!

What are your 2015 Hopes & Wishes???

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