Favorite 2015 Planners – for Desk and Home

Rifle Paper Co Appointment Calendar – $26

I’m very Type A. I write to-do lists for my to-do lists, always carry a planner that weighs at least 5lbs, and have calendars in every room of the house (not including my iPhone & Mac are constantly updated). While I try to be more spontaneous & impromptu, let’s just be real here and say that that is NOT my personality. Sure I’m up for the occasional spontaneous trip, but I’m not saying I don’t get anxiety over the whole thing.

With that in mind, it’s probably no surprise that the start of the New Year is one of my favorite times if not solely because I get to update all my planners & calendars! I look back at what I liked & didn’t like about my previous planners, what worked & what I wish I would’ve done differently, and of course scour the blogs & stores for the latest & greatest planners to fit my needs.


This year, I’m trying out 2 new calendars. Last year (& throughout college), I used the Lilly Pulitzer planner. Mostly because of the stickers (who doesn’t love decorating their planner like they’re 10 years old?), but also because I love the daily & monthly view along with the intensive up front section with “Dates to Celebrate” & pages of lined notebook paper.

To me, a good planner doesn’t just record your upcoming events. It’s a journal of sorts that captures anything & everything you need to have on you.

This year, I am using a Rifle Paper Co. Appointment calendar in my “dressing room”, a family made wall calendar in the kitchen (because I love the pictures!), & Whitney English’s Day Designer as my “life planner”.


At the 2014 Influence Conference, I was introduced to Whitney English, creator of the “The Day Designer”. The idea is to take charge of your day and make a plan for how you want it to turn out. The pages leave space for “Today’s Top Three”, “Daily Gratitude”, “Don’t Forget”, & “Dinner”. On the monthly breakout, there is a place to write your goals for the month with quotes encouraging you to make the most of every day.

But one of my favorite parts is the up front section. This Day Designer is really a “life planner”. By taking the time to fill out the PAGES of questions about your values, goals, passion & mission, you really are setting yourself up for a great year. As someone newer to blogging, newer in my career, and newer to the whole being married thing, taking the time to really set goals for my life & write out my passions & inspirations was really helpful & encouraging. It’s something I recommend EVERYONE doing, especially if you’re in your 20s.

Whitney’s Etsy shop is currently on a break until January 6, so if you need a planner – visit her site then!! They sell out fast!

What planner are you using in 2015?

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