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I am so proud of myself! After what felt like forever, I made it to barre class last night. I have felt anything but motivated since January – with the cold, dark, long work days & travel, going to a workout class just didn’t fit in my evening schedule. Add on the fact that it was my first trimester, and I had absolutely zero energy OR desire to do anything.

But yesterday, I felt like I NEEDED to go. Do you ever feel that way about working out? That it’s just time. Not because you feel insecure about how you’re looking, but because your body just needs some physical activity? My body was sooo over my first trimester slump, and I needed to get back into some sort of routine. Now, I’m no crazy workout fiend, and this isn’t a New Year’s Resolution, so I’m keeping it realistic. I want to go to Pure Barre 3X a week, walk 10,000 3X a week (I track my steps with my FitBit I bought at Target), and take a day off.

I really feel so much better & even after this one class, I can notice an improvement in my mood, sleep, & overall happiness. So what’s been stopping you from working out? What are you going to do today to change that? I’ve never met anyone who regretted working out, but plenty of people who regret skipping a day. While I am not on any mission to lose 15lbs or get ripped, working out to me is all about your overall health & well being.

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No excuses. Get up, & get moving!

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