Little Red Wagon






While we were in Indiana, Kyle & I stopped at Riley Children’s Hospital with my parents for a private tour. Growing up in Indiana, it seems like most fundraisers go to support Riley. In college, Kyle’s fraternity (Delta Tau Delta) supported Riley through Trike, and we would make an annual trip to the hospital for a tour. One of my favorite parts about Riley is the little red wagon. Patients can ride in the wagon on their way to treatments, on their way to their rooms, and the wagon can help mom & dad carry all the stuff you inevitably must bring to a hospital.

In October of 2014, Kyle’s great Uncle passed away and in his memory we donated some money to Riley to get a little red wagon entered into the fleet. We had always wanted to contribute to Riley, and the Red Wagon Fund is a perfect way to get started. You get a license plate on a wagon that can be in honor of a patient, a family member, or just from you as an individual.

Our license plate reads: Hope this brings smiles, The Murphys.

Here’s to hoping our wagon makes one kid less scared for his/her appointment. To hoping this wagon makes a mom or dad feel more comfortable carrying around the bags, equipment & a child. To hoping this wagon provides some fun & enjoyment for a kid who is seriously sick. To hoping more kids get saved because of the work done at Riley.


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