March Goals


Time for yet another monthly goal setting post!! I’ve found throughout the years that taking time each month to really think about where you’re at in your life, what you want to change, what you want to improve on, what you want to be better is a great way to stay motivated & make sure you’re accomplishing all you want out of your life. While I’m no perfect example, even if I accomplish 2 of my 5-10 goals, I still feel good about it!!


  1. Read 5 books – list is still TBD, but with all my travel coming up (Alaska, Orlando, San Antonio) I need to take advantage and read some good books. Time to bust out the Kindle!
  2. Keep up with my Lent devotional – I gave up Diet Coke this year, and so far so good. Praying for the grace to keep it up even after Lent!


  1. Stay Active – Whether it’s Pure Barre, hitting 10K steps, or trying new activities I want to up my activity level in March!!!
  2. Drink more water – my doctor keeps emphasizing I need to drink upwards of 80oz of water a day…which has never happened…so I really need to make improvements. I’ll show you a trick I’m testing out in a post later this month! Plus, did you see this Brita commercial?? We all need more water.
  3. Cook at home when we are not traveling – only home 18 of the 31 days in March, so I really need to make sure when I am home, I’m cooking at LEAST lunch or dinner (if not both!)


  1. Try 3 new recipes: an appetizer, dinner, & dessert recipe! Open to suggestions!
  2. Get ready for our move – ideally we’ll close 3/31 (or close!) and we have TONS of furniture & decor to start buying…March will be a busy decorating month so look out for more pins to this Pinterest board I’ve started!

What are your goals this month??

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