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I’m officially back on EST…despite the 4 hour time change from Anchorage & losing the hour from Daylight Savings. Needless to say, this was a tough week back at work & back to reality. But looking back on the pictures of our adventure visiting Kyle’s brother & sister-in-law reminds me how fortunate we are to explore the world & share these experiences with our family.

I’ve been dying to go snowshoeing. My friend, Rachel, & I tried to do a snowshoe 5K in Denver, but we got stopped about 3/4 of the way there when bad snow forced us (and everyone else…) to stop & turn around. So when I was asked what I wanted to do in Alaska, I had 2 things: Snowshoe & see the Iditarod (post to come!).

Tyler & Linda took us out to see Matanuska Glacier. I was envisioning more of an iceberg, but seeing this large expanse of sheer ice, melting slowly over thousands of years, is truly a sight to behold. Trekking out to CLIMB on the glacier comes at a steep price (about $100 a person), so we opted to drive a little further to Caribou Creek to try out the snowshoes. Yes, we walked on a frozen river, in snowshoes, over a “recreational mining area”.

As you can see in the picture of Linda & I sitting on ice…that stuff was THICK. You can also see in the picture, that at about 18 weeks pregnant then, I was a little unsure how safe this whole idea was, but wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass me by!

I highly recommend snowshoeing as a fun, not very hard, way to explore new places. I’m hoping as this winter season ends, I can find a cheap pair of snowshoes out here that I can buy and start this new hobby next winter!!

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