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Last week was a crazy week. I was in Orlando for work Mon-Fri, and flew directly to Austin, TX to work over the weekend. Getting home Sunday & going to the office Monday left no time to rejuvenate, relax, and catch up on all the long nights. By Sunday, I wasn’t feeling the best: no voice, sore back, and just overall discomfort. I was sitting at Wendy’s in the Dallas airport and it hit me like a ton of bricks: I need to treat my body better.

I’m halfway through a relatively easy pregnancy, and am finding that while I’m not eating HORRIBLY or being completely INACTIVE, I’m definitely not taking as good of care of myself as I should. It’s the small things: not enough water, not enough sleep, not enough fruits & veggies…and too much sugar, coffee, and Netflix. It’s easy to take the “lazy” route, and just let life happen at my convenience. The weight isn’t piling on (thank goodness), and I’m surviving each day, so why should I eat the salad over the very tempting buffalo wings?

I’ve decided to take charge of the second half of my pregnancy. The weather is FINALLY warming up which somehow makes going outside and eating healthy all the more appealing. I’ll be blogging my progress, posting on Instagram, and pinning on Pinterest and would love all your support along the way (so follow along & let me know your thoughts!). I know as I get farther along it will only get tougher.

I’m not trying to be perfect (yesterday I gave into my first real craving: french toast…), but am trying to improve. I’ve recently become an ambassador for FitFluential, and I’m excited to incorporate my “new” lifestyle into the blog. You won’t notice dramatic changes, but I hope that as I share my latest adventures, my thoughts on beauty & fashion, and new recipes, you’ll see my healthy habits incorporated!!

For those of you looking for the inspiration to start being healthy NOW…just follow my journey and we can do it together!

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