Tips for Avoiding Stress While Moving!

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If I haven’t made it clear over the past few weeks, we are MOVING! Luckily, not far, just about 10 minutes away to our first home! I thought I’d share some tips on avoiding stress while moving, because I’m pretty sure it can be one of the most stressful things couples (or singles) do…especially when one of them is 5 months pregnant!

Have a Plan

Okay, so we probably didn’t do the best job planning, but luckily we had great helpers our first week! Kyle’s parents came in and basically packed up our apartment while we were working!! We couldn’t be more thankful!!!! We still had to have a plan to make sure they didn’t pack things we’d still need, and that we made the best use of their time & hands.

If you’re not that lucky, it’s smart to think through a few key questions: What should be packed up when (if you’re moving over the course of a weekend or a few weeks)? Where is it going in the new place? What items NEED to be unpacked first so you aren’t living with no underwear or no silverware?

I’m a list maker (I love these by Rifle Paper Co), and I have lists upon lists of what needs to be packed & moved, what needs to be cleaned, what needs to be prepped at our new house, what furniture we’re leaving, what furniture we’re buying, and the list goes on and on. By writing it down the overwhelming task of moving will seem much more doable. 

Do as much prep as you can before the actual “move date”

We knew we were moving for a while. AND, we have our apartment for the entire month of April (and closed on our house 3/31). Our official “move date” is April 18, but we wanted to make that day as stress-free as possible. Just the big stuff. Just the “essentials” we couldn’t live without in our apartment. To get to that point, there was a lot of prep that’s gone into it.

Before moving, I went to the local liquor store to snag all the empty cases of wine/liquor. These boxes are AWESOME for packing your glasses! And, they’re FREE! Go to the local grocery store to get bigger boxes for free. But do it in advance – depending on your timing, you may have to wait a few days. You’ll save a ton of money this way!!

Kyle & I take a trip a day to drop off a small amount of things, begin unpacking one box at a time, and make sure we are SURE where everything is going.

I feel really good that come April 18 (my BIRTHDAY), we should be able to get it all done in one day! Some people can’t prep as much, but try boxing in advance, make your lists, clean your tub, schedule your utilities…all the stuff you’d love to have done BEFORE the move day!

Remember Why You’re Moving

Regardless of how much prep you do & how well you’ve planned, moving is stressful. I’ve found that by focusing on the positive of why you’re moving in the first place can really help turn stress into excitement. For us, it’s our first house! It’s more space! It’s where we’ll take our baby boy home in a few short months! It’s where we’ll have so many memories as our little family! It’s where we’ll grow our roots & make new friends & get more involved in the community! There is so much to be excited for, and while this house is not perfect, and not a forever home…it’s our home, and it’s perfect for us now!

Take Time to Celebrate the Small Wins!

This could be cleaning out one closet in your apartment completely. It could be setting up the utilities. It could be moving your favorite pieces and setting them up. Over the course of the move, there will be small wins. Stop & celebrate. Pop some bubbly. Celebrate this new adventure in your life!!

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