Decorating on a Budget

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Buying a house is expensive. Furnishing a house is even more expensive! Now, I don’t want this blog title to confuse you. While yes, I can list out hundreds of places to find cheap home goods (read: Home Goods), or DIY possibilities, I wanted to focus today on sticking to a budget, regardless of what your budget size is.

Quality over Quantity…at first:

Living Room Pieces
Clockwise: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

For Kyle & I (mostly me…but Kyle is slowly getting on board), we want to begin spending money on quality pieces, which means that in the short term, we will have fewer, high quality pieces. It’s KILLING me to not just buy everything so the house becomes a home and looks complete.

First thing we did was set a budget. Total budget including the small things like blinds, TV mounts, rugs, etc.  From there, I began allocating that money to various pieces we needed to purchase. When the money ran out, we had to begin prioritizing. Do we need a bed frame for the guest bedroom right away?? How important is it to update our lamps? Will those folding chairs in the dining room work much longer?

We allocated our budget, and it doesn’t cover everything. And that’s fine. We are continuing to save and reallocate money as we can.  I prioritized our main level over everything. We’ve purchased the couch & chairs for the living room, chairs for our “reading nook”, console table for below where the TV will be mounted, and hopefully will be proud dining room chair owners soon!

Ask for Help

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 7.53.13 AM
West Elm

When I first started this process, I was SOOOOO overwhelmed. We basically started from scratch and it was terrifying how much money was going out the door. I didn’t want to waste money on poor quality pieces, but had no idea how to begin decorating an entire home. Pinterest is great, but no matter what, your house will be different from the picture you’re admiring.

I went to West Elm at King of Prussia Mall, and saw they had free design services. Now as a marketer, yes – this is a ploy to get you to spend more money. But having understood that, and having a preset budget all laid out, I felt very comfortable reaching out and asking for their help. Our designer has been very hands on & helped us mix & match fabric, styles, and pieces to stay on budget and helping make the whole house look cohesive.

Many stores offer free design services. My advice: go in prepared. Bring pictures of what you like and don’t like. Go with a set budget in mind. Prioritize the pieces you want to purchase. Be patient – sales happen all the time, and when you’re in no rush you can wait to get something that was $500, 20% off and maybe an extra 10-15% off if your designer pulls a few strings!

Remember that furniture shopping is like car shopping – it’s pretty much all “negotiable”!!! Happy shopping!

*Note: All thoughts are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.

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