Monday Morning Motivation, vol. 10


Happy Monday Morning! After a very relaxing (and pretty unproductive) weekend, I’m ready to get up & conquer the week!! It’s a busy week here in the Murphy house: 1) Birthday Week has started, 2) we officially move, 3) we will set up the crib (also here & here), & 4) My parents come!!!! There is so much to do on top, of oh you know, just holding down a 9-5…

I also picked this image because I had a horrible idea this weekend: I tried to go with zero caffeine. Now, since being pregnant I’ve completely reduced the amount I normally take to stay within the doctor guidelines (you can have 200mg a day…which Diet Coke only has 55mg for perspective – but as always, work with your doctor!). This weekend I thought, hey – let me just go decaf. I bought a decaf latte, sipped on some decaf tea, continued to drink the insane amount of water you have to drink…and I just ended up with the worst headache in the world. I mean, unbearable pain (my tolerance level isn’t the highest…).

So now I’m going to try and continue to gradually wean myself off through the end of the pregnancy. You may be thinking too little too late since I’m only a couple weeks away from the third trimester, but hey – better late than never! So today I’m having coffee…tomorrow maybe half a cup…and slowly but surely I will get rid of the caffeine & headaches!

I just continue to remind myself: Today is a new day! 

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