My Favorite At Home Workouts


Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the gym.  Traveling, the weather, your work schedule can all make it nearly impossible to add an hour on to the gym. Tack on the 15 minute commute both ways & changing, you’re pushing 1.5 hours easy. While I LOVVVEEEE Pure Barre, sometimes you want to do something quick & easy, or outside, or just plain different. So here are a few sources of inspiration to help you kickstart your Tuesday! And like the quote says, hopefully this gets you started & by making it too easy not to do, it’ll hopefully become habit!

1. Make use of that Fitbit – go for a walk or run and make sure you’re at least getting your 10,000 steps in. If you want to up the cardio, aim for 15,000-20,000 steps! If you’re looking to lose weight at the Fitbit dashboard doesn’t let you log everything you want, sign up for MyFitnessPal (free app!). You can even share & compete with friends to help you stay motivated. This makes sure you’re not only exercising, but eating right, too!

2. POPSUGAR Fitness Videos – they’re fantastic. You can always find one under 10 minutes ranging from yoga to lifting.  Looking for a particular type of class (like barre or HIIT)? You’ll find it there!

3. SELF Magazine always has easy workouts (online or in their magazine) that you can do at home – usually you only need a chair, wall, and maybe some hand weights! The magazine always has cut out magazines that have easy exercises you can do in a hotel room, your apartment, or anywhere on the go!

4. DVDs – Like Pure Barre, Jillian Michaels, or P90X to name a few. Usually they’re much better than any free video you’ll find online (debatable I guess…), and if you find one you like, you can usually get more like it. It’s like GOING to a class, without actually having to! I’ll be honest and admit I’m not the biggest DVD Workout fan (and yet this is titled “my favorite at home workouts”), but many of my friends SWEAR by it. Maybe I haven’t given it a fair shot? I think post baby when winter sets in for the next year, DVDs will be my new favorite thing ever…so I’m jumping the gun a little here!

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