Monday Morning Motivation, vol. 11

mmm 5.4

This week is my “official” entry into my third trimester. While this quote is more about fitness & working out, I figure this applies to just about everything in my life right now. For me, “having time” is more about “having energy”, but I want this last trimester to be the best for baby & I. I’m finding ways to “make time” and figured I’d share some tips with you this Monday:

1. Prep food for the week on Sundays: yesterday I chopped up all our fruits & veggies, marinaded our chicken we plan to grill, wrote out what food will be eaten when, made my lunch to bring to work, and pretty much eliminated any excuse to not eat right this week!

2. Write out a Top 3 each day: I use Whitney English’s Day Designer to keep myself organized every day. What I love about the top section is a space to list your top 3 for the day. It helps me focus & prioritize so I don’t feel overwhelmed!

3. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier: Sounds intuitive enough, but one way to make more time in your day is to actually wake up a little earlier. What’s important is what you do in this time. For me, it’s honestly a chance to just sit with a cup of coffee & read some blogs in the morning. It keeps my mornings calmer and not as rushed setting a great tone for the day.

4. Multi-tasking is the best: I know, I know, most people frown upon multi-tasking. At work, I like to use our walking treadmill while taking conference calls. I can get in an extra 3,000-5,000 steps when I’d otherwise just be sitting at my desk. PLUS, it helps me get my workout in since going to the gym has pretty much disappeared at this stage in pregnancy.

This doesn’t solve everything, but really helps me make the most of my days & weeks, especially when my energy level isn’t what it used to be!

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