Gender Reveal Idea





Gender reveals are a relatively new phenomenon. Probably since Pinterest hit the scene, pregnant women everywhere decided it’d be fun to celebrate the day you find out whether you’re having a boy or girl! Because Kyle & I live far from family, we wanted a way to have everyone feel involved in the process without having to trek all the way to Philadelphia. I stumbled across the cutest announcements and knew I had to send them out. Scratch off cards?? Brilliant.

The only problem is that I knew I couldn’t wait the 3-5 days the mail takes to send the right gender card.  So, I decided to buy both the girl AND the boy cards and label them 1 & 2. I wrote down which was which, praying I didn’t mess it up. We met up with some friends downtown for an in person gender reveal, and when we found out we were having a boy I sent my family a text with the number 1 – the BOY card!!

I know everyone enjoyed the anticipation of scratching off the card & feeling they were a part of the process!!

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