Friday Things, vol. 2

Friday Things

Some things on my mind lately…

Right now, I’ve been craving all things sweet (and these brownies just seem AMAZING)!!! We’re also looking to update our bar cart, although I won’t be imbibing for a while. I’ve seen so many cute ways to decorate a bar cart, but I think for starters we need to start with the basics: buying the basic alcohols! And with all the talk of brownies & cocktails, it’s only fitting I throw in some sneakers here. On our last trip to New York City the other week, I couldn’t help but notice how many girls pair a cute dress or outfit with “fancy” sneakers. I really need to step up my game since flats & flip flops just aren’t giving me the support I need this far into my pregnancy. And finally, a chicken sandwich I am DYING to make for myself. I mean, could it look any better? And it’s on a bagel…sold!

Happy Friday!!

Clockwise: Bitter Sweet Chocolate Brownies / What to Keep Stocked for Quick & Easy Parties / Sweet Sneakers / The Hampton Sandwich

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