Best Vanilla Cupcake in NYC

Georgetown Cupcake
Chocolate Coconut & Birthday Cake
One of my favorite vanilla cupcakes
A coconut lover’s dream
Tiny bakery – you’ll blink and miss it!
The unassuming yellow daisy cupcake
The unassuming yellow daisy cupcake

Our last trip to NYC, I was on a mission: find the best vanilla cupcake in the city. I’m a self-proclaimed “vanilla cupcake connoisseur” and I knew this was not going to be an easy task. I did my research ahead of time…scouring the Internet for reviews and blogs about the best cupcake out there. There’s of course the classic answer: Magnolia Bakery (made famous by Sex & the City). Or one of my favorites (although I hate to admit it): Georgetown Cupcakes. You could always visit Sprinkles Cupcakes (I’ve even done the Cupcake ATM in Chicago…it’s pretty spectacular).

But I wanted to try an “unassuming bakery” that was voted best vanilla cupcake in the city – and compare it to my personal fave, Georgetown Cupcake’s Vanilla Birthday cupcake. So we headed to Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea to get the Yellow Daisy Cupcake after stopping at the SoHo location of Georgetown Cupcake.

This quaint little bakery had me questioning the Huffington Post article I read, but I took one to go (requesting the one with purple frosting). With all the sweets I had consumed, I wanted to save this challenge for the next day…so we traveled back to Philly and the next day the “taste off” began….

The Winner: Billy’s Bakery “Yellow Daisy” Cupcake. WOW – I thought the frosting on the Vanilla birthday cupcake couldn’t be beat, but this whole cupcake was PERFECTION. If you’re going to NYC anytime soon, I recommend taking the hike down to Chelsea and stopping by this little bakery (you’ll blink & miss it) and you will NOT be disappointed!

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