Monday Morning Motivation, vol. 12

mmm - dreams

I’ve been spending some time thinking about life and my dreams & aspirations. I am blessed to have such an amazing life with a great husband, baby on the way, great friends & family and career I really enjoy. When I saw this quote though, it really stuck with me. Are my dreams “big enough”? What does that look like? Am I settling…and is that bad? While I don’t know yet exactly what this looks like, I’m really looking for that dream that “scares” me – that goal that is outside my comfort zone. Whether it’s in my fitness, hobbies, career, or somewhere else I’m still not sure. I know this little guy that is coming in August scares me and boy do I have big dreams for him! I’m hopeful during these next few months I can sit and really think about some bigger goals (maybe for this blog? maybe a hobby?) that really stretch me! I’m open to all ideas & hope you join me in dreaming bigger!!

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