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On our last trip to NYC, I made a reservation for Kyle & I to have brunch at Laudree in SoHo. Unfortunately, I had grand plans of sitting out in the garden cafe, but it was still closed for the season. Instead, we sat on antique French furniture (making Kyle slightly uncomfortable and feeling VERY out of place) and intentionally slowed down to soak it all in. I’ve always wanted to go to the Laudree in France; sitting at a cafe table drinking a latte & eating macarons and petit fours. To my delight, the SoHo experience isn’t too far from that!

After looking at both the breakfast & lunch menus, we decided to share a sweet & savory: croque monsieur (my ABSOLUTE favorite!) and french toast. I ordered a coffee, since espresso is slightly outside my caffeine allotment during pregnancy, and it came in the cutest tin mug with steamed milk. Of course, everything is served on china (or at least looks like china…) and everyone from the hostess to waiters speak French (Kyle & I are pretty sure it’s a requirement to be French to work there if anyone can confirm or deny that!). The food was incredible. I feel like places like this can be a lot of hype with just okay food, and let me tell you – it was probably one of the best croque monsieurs I’ve ever had.


It was a fantastic little place to people watch, and take in everyone from the tourists like us to the New Yorkers enjoying just another day.  Instead of eating dessert there, we went to the little shop located in the front of the restaurant to order a box of macarons.

How a person decides is lost on me. Insider tip: don’t spend the extra money to get the fancy gift box. The normal box is free and just as cute!  We ended up getting coffee, pistachio, caramel, rose, lemon, and the “famous” Marie Antoinette (a mixed fruit one). They stay good in the fridge up to 3 days, so Kyle & I enjoyed them during the week.

I’m hoping we can go back soon, and definitely go to the House in Paris. Some day maybe soon…

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