Our Nursery Theme Inspiration

nursery inspiration

It took me forever to figure out how to do the baby’s nursery. We are using our smallest of three bedrooms, which seemed practical but doesn’t give us a ton of space to decorate. It’s tough enough fitting all the furniture in there before even thinking about adding decorative touches.

I wanted to keep the room neutral, light, & clean. I’m not a big fan of the look of bright colors with little kid shapes, and it seemed like my options for baby boy rooms was either whales or trains. I love the nautical look, but wanted to try something different. And (because this is why I love blogging so much), I happened to stumble upon a nursery reveal that was just too perfect.

Our room won’t look exactly like this, but we are taking elements from this nursery (specifically those animal prints & rug (or this one)).  We aren’t doing the yellow, but will probably incorporate some blue. It’s only natural since we’re both Butler University alums that navy will somehow make its way into the decorations. We also were just gifted our glider over Memorial Day (thanks Mom & Dad M!!). I feel like I need a glider over a chair, and the one from West Elm is just perfect!!!

nursery insp

So while we are not replicating this room, the look & feel is what I want to recreate for our little guy! I can’t wait for all the pieces to get here so we can show you what it looks like!!! For now, here are some pieces we have purchased/received: Hamper, Crib, Glider, Dresser.

It’s been so fun getting ready for this little guy & I can’t believe I’m 75% of the way there!!! Here’s to hoping these last 10 weeks FLY by, but also that we take some time to enjoy it as well!!!

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