Pregnancy Progression

pregnancy progressionWe are getting there!!! I’m over 75% of the way there, and feeling good (and since I’m an optimist, we’re pretty much at 31 weeks now since it’s Tuesday…)! It’s fun to look back at my progression since the beginning of the year. We found out we were expecting over Thanksgiving weekend, but I didn’t take any pictures until around January. So much has happened these past 30 weeks:

  • We moved (into our first HOME) & started the process of decorating
  • Travelled a TON: Alaska, Seattle, San Antonio, Peoria, Orlando, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, NYC and are heading to Chicago this weekend!!!
  • Had my first baby shower (with one more next weekend) – Baby Murphy is spoiled already
  • Baby M has already been to a few Butler basketball games, Seattle Sounders game, & Philadelphia Union game – because we all know allegiances start young
  • I officially caved and started wearing maternity jeans – my wardrobe is still a mix of pre-pregnancy clothes & maternity clothes, more because I’m reluctant to buy anything than that everything still fits nice…
  • We went snow shoeing – crossing something off the ever-growing bucket list!
  • Took a calligraphy class…I need to brush up on my skills still, but we’re getting there.
  • And the list goes on…

I’m mentally preparing to go 10+ weeks, but of course optimistic we will be delivering a healthy baby once I’m full term at 37 weeks (one can only hope). These last few weeks as a family of 2 will fly by for sure and we want to enjoy every minute of it. We’re excited for you to follow along!

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