Thoughts on Father’s Day for our Son

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Probably the happiest I’ve ever seen him: USA vs. POR World Cup 2014 after USA scored

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and this year it comes with more emotion & excitement than year’s past. I’ve always loved celebrating Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, whether crafting as a little kid or taking the time now to remind my parents how much I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me. But this year, it’s a little different. Kyle & I are becoming parents, so the day has taken on new meaning. And so for my little guy who is coming closer to making his world debut, I want you to read this post one day about 5 traits I hope you inherit from your dad:


Your dad is patient man. Goodness knows I can be pretty tough to handle, and your dad takes it all in stride. If we run into problems at a restaurant or store, he is the one to handle it calmly and quickly, knowing that treating people with kindness and patience will always get you better results. I hope that as you go through life, you remember to have patience with even the most challenging of people, and know that kindness & patience will always be remembered.

Work Ethic

Your dad’s work ethic sure is fun to watch. I always thought I had a strong work ethic – willing to put in the extra hours, extra thought, extra studying, whatever was necessary to do the job & do it well. But your dad is something else. He enjoys working hard and sees his work as a reflection of his character.  A verse he shared with me from Colossians 3:23: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…”. It’s a reminder that on days I don’t want to put the effort in, don’t see the value of the project I’m on, don’t have the energy to put forward…all of the work we do is for Him and not for others. I hope as you go through life, you think of all the hard work you put into sports, school, work, and friends you think of it as serving God & not others and that will help you find motivation and strength.

Love for God & Family

Your dad’s love is infectious. He loves with all his heart, and shares it with those closest to him. He always puts God & Family first, and is a great role model for our family. Whether in obvious, outward displays of affection, or less-obvious, internal ways, there is never any question on if your dad loves us. I have been so lucky, and you will be too, to know what love is through my own parents & through Kyle, and know you will feel this love from Day 1 and hopefully learn to share your love as you get older. I hope as you go through life, not only will you learn to experience the love of God & family, but you will exhibit it as well. I hope you build a strong relationship with God & you build your own family based on love & trust.

Sense of Humor

Your dad is also the funny one in the family, and thank goodness for that. I’ve always been more on the straight & narrow, and it’s so refreshing to have your dad lighten up the room. He doesn’t take things too seriously, and enjoys making everyone feel happy & included. Whether we watch silly movies, play silly games, or in our back & forth banter, I know I can count on your dad for a good laugh. I hope as you go through life, you learn not to take it too seriously. I hope you laugh more than you cry, find enjoyment in the small things, and can be a “pick me up” for any friend who is feeling down.

His Sleep Patterns…

Yes, this trait should probably have been listed first, and while yes mostly a joke, I also secretly hope this is true. If nothing else in life, I really hope you sleep like him. That man could sleep 24/7 and still feel tired. I think that’s from all the love & work he exudes every day…most be tough work to be that awesome, so I hope you are also tired (in a good way). Tired from putting others before you, tired from working so hard every day, tired from making people laugh, tired from being so patient…but I want you to be “tired from” not “tired of”, and continue to wake up each day like your dad and do it all over again.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!!

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