July Goals

july goals

I’m SOOOO excited it’s July! There are so many exciting things happening this month & I’m glad I can take some time to write out my goals for the month, which is really just me organizing my to-do list. I’ll try to add in some fun things, too of course…

For My Sanity

1. Read 4 books – aggressive goal? Probably…but I have so many on my list and really want to take advantage of the fact that Kyle & I aren’t traveling and will be home so much. Books on my list – The Rumor, French Coast, Driving with the Top Down, & The Girl on the Train.

2. Buy some fall clothes for post-baby – I’m excited for Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale starting July 17 for non-card holders (like me…), but begins July 9 for Nordstrom card holders. Since I won’t be able to try most of it on, I’ll stick to the basics and brands I know to avoid some regrettable choices.

3. Walk 30 minutes, at least 4X a week…the whole 10K steps is not happening, so I’m trying to keep a more realistic goal this month!

Getting Ready for Baby

1. Baby comes first week of August OR could even come this month!!! While I have 90% of things organized, washed, assembled, decorated, and sanitized…this could be the month we meet our little guy!! I want to pick out a birth announcement & find a good photographer to schedule a newborn shoot.

2. I need to pack my hospital bag. I’ve found some good blog posts (here & here) about this topic, and plan to do one of my own once I get there!

3. Get a prenatal massage & pedicure…and decide on what color nail polish I want for the big day!


1. Try an Overnight Oats recipe – I’m thinking about trying this one, but if you have a favorite recipe leave it in the comments!

2. Recreate a recipe from my Sur la Table French Pastry cooking class for Kyle’s office.

3. Go to at least 3 new restaurants in our area – getting as many “date nights” in as possible before the little guy arrives.

Life Goals

1. Rework our budget with baby in mind – with our ever-changing life, it seems our budget is ever-changing. We do a great job saving & spending (Kyle saves…I spend…), and I think it’s always good to take time each month to reassess our financial situation. I’m no expert, but find the whole “financial planning” space very interesting (post to come!). We use apps & websites like Mint, Paypal, & Vanguard for money management and find them very helpful! We’ll also want to start thinking through our savings plan for the little guy, so I’ll want to schedule time to meet with our family’s financial planner to get the process started!

2. Upgrade my phone!!!! It’s been time for a few weeks now, but not only do I plan to get the iPhone 6 which will be a nice upgrade, but I want to upgrade my storage to 64G…the 16G just isn’t cutting it!

3. Set up some subscriptions on Amazon Prime to make the first few months post-baby easier. I’m thinking basics like diapers, household goods (paper towels, toilet paper) & maybe even some snacks!

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