Writing with Sparklers


Impressive, right?

So just before the 4th of July, I came across a cool blog post on A Beautiful Mess about how to write with sparklers & capture it on your camera. I’m still a novice with our Canon Rebel t3i, but always up to try new things. And the tutorial they walk through is SUPER easy to follow!!! With a few tries…we were able to capture a couple words!!


“baby” – can’t you tell??

The trick is to put the camera down (we used our patio table) so it’s steady, focus as best you can, and practice spacing the letters out (even though you can’t see it)…It takes some practice to make sure you are centered with the camera, too!

Too bright!

Kyle got in on the action, too…trying to spell out “Butler” of course…If you look REALLY hard you can kind of tell what he was trying to write 😉 – it’s definitely harder than it looks! While the camera’s shutter is open and takes it all in, it doesn’t look like this in front of you.

Plus, spelling backward is not easy. I stuck with 4 letter words…and the toughest letter was either “B” or “E”…Thank goodness sparklers are only $1 for a TON of them. We went through at least 5 boxes!



This could be used at weddings, to make announcements, or just for fun! We had a blast trying this out – maybe next year we’ll advance to bigger fireworks!

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