Wanderlust – 10 Places I’d love to visit

It feels like forever since Kyle & I have been on a big trip…which is a slight exaggeration since we went to Brazil for the World Cup last summer…but, it’s been over a year and will most likely be another year until we go abroad again! Growing up, my parents spent their money on experiences instead of things. We travelled more than the average person (I can only assume…) and even lived abroad when I was really little in Germany. My passport is stamped by countries like Costa Rica, Brazil, England, Germany, France…and a ton of countries on my “baby” passport that I have no recollection of…

I think it’s important to see the world – to know that there is more to life than the tiny bubble you live in. That people live life differently than you. My favorite part of traveling (aside from the food of course) is interacting with the people and hearing their stories. I have great memories of broken conversations (my Spanish is only ok, and Portuguese nonexistant) with a man from Colombia on Copacabana beach in Brazil about the soccer matches going on (and let’s just say my soccer vocabulary is already sub-par…). My favorite memory wasn’t seeing Christ the Redeemer or touring the Amazon in Manaus…it was interacting with the locals & getting excited about the games.

I hope that as we raise Aidan, we take the time to prioritize travel. We’ve already ventured to Boston, and can hopefully continue to explore more of the US with him. But I do hope that he gets exposed to life outside America so he can appreciate it even more. I want him to see poverty, wealth, history, nature…all of it.

So if I had to narrow it down to 10 places to see in my life…these are the 10 places I’d want to see:

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

machu picchu
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2. Portofino, Italy

incredible Italia series- luxury Portofino, Liguria
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3. Morocco

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4. Istanbul, Turkey

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5. Banff, Canada

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6. Switzerland

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7. Fjords in Norway

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8. Amsterdam

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9. Croatia

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10. Queenstown Bay, New Zealand

queenstown new zealand
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Where do you want to visit? What’s your favorite place you’ve ever been?

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