Rigatoni with Swiss Chard & Sausage


While I prefer baking, cooking is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy and sadly don’t do enough. I try to make sure Kyle & I eat at home more than we eat out, but we typically make easy meals that require little to no prep time! My favorite dinners usually involve grilling out, so for me to spend time dirtying several pans & going through multiple steps is something reserved for a really good meal.

Every month, I get the Food Network Magazine (thanks to unused air mile points…) and a few months ago stumbled across a favorite fall/winter recipe: Rigatoni with Swiss Chard & Sausage. It’s the perfect cold weather meal, and while definitely not the healthiest dinner option…there is swiss chard in it, so at least you’re getting your vegetables!!

I highly recommend trying out the recipe – it makes a TON which is great for hosting a dinner or if you love leftovers!

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