Halloween Crafting

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Acorns / Art Print/ Cake Toppers (similar) / Tape
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Pop Out Party / Other Craft Supplies
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Halloween Straws

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For the first time in what feels like forever, I stopped into Michaels on my way home from grabbing some coffee. I was in search of mini clothespins to hang up a garland, and ended up spending way too much time & fortunately not too much money. I forgot how CHEAP you can buy craft supplies there (and of course, it can add up). With about a week to go until Halloween, I was so excited to see all of the Halloween & even Fall decor up to 50% off. Now, it’s 70% off!!

With no party to plan for, decorating the house for fall is more for me than anyone else. But with our current set up, it’s tough to make a cohesive fall look amidst the chaos of baby toys & mess.

Thankfully, I found a Martha Stewart “pop out party” kit that has 181 pieces of Halloween decor and it only cost $9 and is now on sale for $5.99! I used the garland for our bar cart (still a work in progress), but am saving most of the supplies for next Halloween.

My go to places for crafting supplies for the holiday are Paper Source, Michaels, & Target. And if you shop after the holidays or days before, you can usually get everything up to 50% off or more and save it for the next year! My goal next year is to host a Halloween party for Aidan and all the little ones in our neighborhood, so I’m glad I’m stocking up on craft supplies now!

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